Group Breaks Policy

Miraj Trading's Group Break Policy

At Miraj Trading, we're excited to offer Group Breaks as part of our commitment to providing an engaging experience for sports card collectors. This policy outlines our Group Break procedures, participation rules, and terms and conditions.

  1. Group Break Description: A Group Break involves purchasing spots to receive sports cards from a specific box or case. We offer various break formats, including Random Team Breaks, Pick Your Team Breaks, and Divisional Breaks

  2. Participation:
  • Participants must be at least 18 years of age or have parental/guardian consent.
  • Participants must have an active account with Miraj Trading/Miraj Breaks to join a Group Break.
  1. Break Scheduling and Broadcasting:
  • Group Breaks will be scheduled in advance and listed on our website.
  • All breaks will be live-streamed on YouTube, Twitch and WhatNot and a recording will be available for viewing after the break.
  1. Spot Purchase and Assignment:
  • Spots can be purchased through our website. The pricing and format will vary depending on the break.
  • For Random Team Breaks, teams will be assigned via a randomization process on, which will be shown live at the beginning of the break.
  1. Card Distribution:
  • All cards pulled for a team will be sent to the participant assigned to that team.

Group Breaks with Upper Deck products:

    • If your spot doesn't yield any hits—defined as RPAs, Rookie Cards, Inserts, Memorabilia, Numbered Cards, Colour Variations, or premium hobby product cards—you will receive an equivalent value in Upper Deck product to ensure fairness and satisfaction for all members.


  • If no cards are pulled in a group break for a particular team, the participant will still receive a thank-you package from Miraj Trading. (This is for group breaks that do not include Upper Deck products.)
  • Thank-you package will include a random product/packs or other goodies. The package will be included with your break shipment or regular product purchase shipment.
  • Shipping is typically done within 2 business days after the break. Participants will receive a tracking number via email.
  1. Payment and Refunds:
  • Payment must be made at the time of spot purchase.
  • Buy Now Pay Later options are not eligible to be used for breaks. If you choose these options your order will be cancelled immediately.
  • Refunds will only be given if a break is canceled by Miraj Trading. No refunds will be issued after a break has started.
  1. Card Condition:
  • Miraj Trading is not responsible for the condition of the cards pulled during the break. All cards will be handled with utmost care and sent in protective sleeves/top loaders.
  • We will sleeve all hits, sleeve & topload all major hits. (Numbered cards, color variations etc.)
  • Any visible damages or issues with cards will be pointed out during the live stream.
  1. Multi-Player Cards:
  • For cards with multiple players from different teams, the card will be randomized between the teams on the card, unless one person owns more than 50% of the teams featured.
  1. Conduct:
  • Participants are expected to maintain a respectful demeanor during live breaks, in chats, or any other interactions. Misconduct can lead to suspension from future breaks.
  1. Changes to the Policy:
  • Miraj Trading reserves the right to amend or modify this policy at any time. Any changes will be communicated on our website and through our newsletter.

Disclaimer: Participating in Group Breaks carries inherent risks and there's no guarantee of receiving high-value cards. Please participate responsibly and within your means.